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Founded in 1982 by Mr. Richard H. Wilson, Esq., our firm’s practice area initially focused on representing many of Florida’s largest property insurance companies. Over the years, the firm’s practice area changed from insurance defense to solely representing insureds in cases against their property insurance companies to now representing both community associations as well as continuing to represent insureds. Conveniently located in the greater St. Petersburg area, Westerman Law, PLLC. is a new venture that prides itself on being a modern, energetic firm with a passion for its clients.

We work diligently to ensure our cases are completed in the most efficient and cost effective way.

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Civil Litigation

Westerman Law, PLLC represents condominium, homeowner and cooperative associations in their day-to-day business operations.
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Commercial Litigation

Commercial litigation concerns the filing and resolution of claims or disputes in commercial transactions that include sales of goods, lease instruments or agreements, negotiable instruments.
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Community Association Law

Westerman Law, PLLC represents condominium, homeowner and cooperative associations in their day-to-day business operations.
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Condominium and Homeowners Association Property Insurance Claims

Representing condominiums and homeowners associations in their insurance claims requires knowledge not only of insurance law but the application of Florida Statutes 718 and 720 (as applicable) and the association’s declaration of condominium or covenants.
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Construction Defects

Westerman Law, PLLC can assist with all aspects of construction defects claims. Construction defects claims frequently include: Concrete, foundation and…
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Consumer Protection

The attorneys at Westerman Law, PLLC prosecute many types of cases on consumer protection issues.
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Continuing Education

Westerman Law, PLLC offer courses for different areas.
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Disability Insurance Claims

Westerman Law, PLLC is committed to representing our disability insurance clients in a compassionate manner.
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Employment Discrimination

State and local laws prohibit certain actions being taken with respect to a person’s employment and prospective employment.
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Homeowners Insurance Claims & Litigation

Westerman Law, PLLC recognizes that the insurance claims process is at times confusing and very stressful.
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Housing Discrimination

There are multiple Federal and State laws that govern housing and rights and obligations of housing providers, landlords and community associations.
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Immigration Law

Westerman Law, PLLC can assist businesses and individuals in the following areas of immigration law.
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Insurance Claims

If you’ve experienced damage to your property whether it’s wind, tree, water or flood damage— Westerman Law, PLLC can help.
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Landlord Tenant Law

Our firm has experience representing both landlords and tenants.
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Property Insurance

We represent policyholders, including condominium associations, homeowners associations, cooperative associations, unit owners and homeowners in their claims against their property insurance carriers.
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Wage Theft

Wage theft occurs when a person is not paid properly according to the law.
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Since 1982 our firm has prided itself on building and recruiting a stellar team of legal professionals who ensure your case is handled with the utmost integrity. We work diligently to ensure cases are completed in the most efficient and cost effective way.

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