About Our Firm

Founded in 1982 by Mr. Richard H. Wilson, Esq., our firm’s practice area initially focused on representing many of Florida’s largest property insurance companies. Over the years, the firm’s practice area changed from insurance defense to solely representing insureds in cases against their property insurance companies to now representing both community associations as well as continuing to represent insureds. Located in the heart of downtown St. Petersburg in the historic Palais Royale building, Westerman Zetrouer, P.A. is a modern, energetic firm with a passion for its clients. Our firm’s philosophy is not only to aggressively and competently represent our clients, but to build relationships through a strong focus on customer service. We will be available as little or as much as our clients prefer, be conscientious of our client’s budget, and provide them with the service required. We take our role as counsel very seriously and take pride in the relationships we have built, and will continue to build in the future. 

Address: 146 2nd Street N. Ste. 100 St. Petersburg, FL 33701 

Phone: 727-329-8956    Fax:727-329-8960

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